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In a past blog, we wrote about what reverse osmosis is and how it works. Much like any water filtration system, your reverse osmosis filters must be changed annually to ensure it maintains peak performance while supplying you and your family with pure, clean water.

Reverse osmosis systems will contain several different filtration processes, such as:

  • Sediment filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Polishing Filter

Working together with your home’s water pressure, water is forced through these filters to filter out things like fluoride, chlorine, lead, sulphates and other particles which can adversely affect the taste, quality and colour of your drinking water.

Regardless of how much you use your reverse osmosis system, your filters should be changed annually to ensure peak performance of your system and high water quality. Although these filtration cartridges can be changed yourself, many clients in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, turn to Canadian Water Conditioning Inc for professional service.

When you schedule your reverse osmosis filter servicing with Canadian Water Conditioning Inc, we:

  • Complete a full water analysis
  • Check all aspects of the system for optimal performance (This includes: connections, fittings, faucets, storage tank, etc)
  • Change filters and o-rings
  • Ensure everything is secure and leak free
  • Sanitise the systems

We service all makes and models and stand behind our work. Should you have any questions regarding your system or wish to book a service appointment, visit our website or call us at our Kitchener location: 519-748-4343.

Get your new water filtration system.

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