The Basics of Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

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Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Systems are widely considered to be the most effective method to ensure the destruction of harmful bacteria and microbes that may be present in your well water supply. UV Systems neutralize microorganisms (including E. coli and coliform bacteria) without the use of chemicals. If you are on a private water supply, it is your responsibility to ensure your water’s safety.

How do UV Systems work? As water passes through a UV System, living organisms in the water are exposed to UV light, attacking the genetic code of the microorganism and rearranging the DNA/RNA; ultimately, eliminating the microorganism’s ability to function and reproduce. If a microorganism can no longer reproduce, it cannot replicate and cannot infect other organisms that it comes into contact with.

What are the benefits of using a UV System? The process of exposing water to UV light is simple but effective, destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms without adding any chemicals to the water.

After installation, a UV System can supply contaminant-free drinking water for your family, livestock, etc. UV Systems are available in a variety of sizes and for a number of applications including residential and commercial. UV systems are safe, clean, simple to install, require very little energy, and are easy to maintain.

Contact us to learn more about Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems and how you could benefit from this environmentally safe purification system.

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